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Kudu Output
Name: Kudu Output
Icon: Kudu Output
Author: Onepoint Ltd
Install Instructions:

Before installing make sure that you have defined the components folder in your Talend project. Then unzip the file and copy the folder with name tKuduOutput to your Talend components folder. After this restart Talend Studio.

Example: Coming soon…

These components enable organization’s to create a data pipeline between existing data sources and Kudu thus enabling fast analytics and fast data from sources such as Internet of Things, wearables, machine data among others. They enable all main CRUD operations of Create, Read, Update and delete.

Kudu Output
The Kudu Output component supports table creation operations as well as 4 record based operations:
– **create**
– **insert**
– **delete**
– **upsert**
This component also allows detailed error handling when the AUTO_FLUSH mode is turned on.

Kudu Input
The Kudu Input component supports table scanning, but also the usage of an unlimited number of Kudu queries.


**Apache Kudu** is a revolutionary new columnar store for Hadoop that enables the powerful combination of fast analytics on fast data. Kudu complements the existing Hadoop storage options, **HDFS** and **Apache HBase**. Additional information on **Apache Kudu**, its architecture and use cases can be found at (http://getkudu.io/).

Onepoint provides two components that enable reading data from and writing data to Kudu which is the first native Hadoop storage engine that supports both low-latency random access and high-throughput analytics. This enables seamless integration between your organization’s multiple, heterogeneous data source and Kudu.

Kudu Output sample

Kudu Output v_0.1__1
Kudu Output v_0.1__10
Kudu Output v_0.1__2
Kudu Output v_0.1__3
Kudu Output v_0.1__4
Kudu Output v_0.1__5
Kudu Output v_0.1__6
Kudu Output v_0.1__7
Kudu Output v_0.1__8
Kudu Output v_0.1__9
Kudu Output v_0.2__11
Kudu Output v_0.2__12
Kudu Output v_0.2__13
Kudu Output v_0.2__14
Kudu Output v_0.2__15
Kudu Output v_0.2__16
Kudu Output v_0.2__17
Kudu Output v_0.2__18
Kudu Output v_0.2__19
Kudu Output v_0.2__20

Release Notes:

Release version: 0.1 – 2016-06-02 16:50:26
**Kudu Output** allows **inserting**, **updating** and **deleting** records. It also supports a reject connector which works only in AUTO FLUSH mode.
Release version: 0.2 – 2016-11-01 10:33:11
The new version of the Kudu Output bundles the Apache Kudu client in version **1.0.1**. I.e. this version supports of Apache Kudu version 1.0.1.
The component now supports connections to **multiple servers** and it also supports the **upsert** operation.

  • 6.0 (obsolete)
  • 6.1 (obsolete)
  • 6.2 (obsolete)

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