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Name: StringUtils
Icon: StringUtils
Author: geomatilux
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An Apache Java library like StringUtils of commons-lang in java, which contains a lot of common methods to operating strings.

Such as:
IsEmpty/IsBlank – checks if a String contains text
Trim/Strip – removes leading and trailing whitespace
Equals – compares two strings null-safe
startsWith – check if a String starts with a prefix null-safe
endsWith – check if a String ends with a suffix null-safe
IndexOf/LastIndexOf/Contains – null-safe index-of checks
IndexOfAny/LastIndexOfAny/IndexOfAnyBut/LastIndexOfAnyBut – index-of any of a set of Strings
ContainsOnly/ContainsNone/ContainsAny – does String contains only/none/any of these characters
Substring/Left/Right/Mid – null-safe substring extractions
SubstringBefore/SubstringAfter/SubstringBetween – substring extraction relative to other strings
Split/Join – splits a String into an array of substrings and vice versa
Remove/Delete – removes part of a String
Replace/Overlay – Searches a String and replaces one String with another
Chomp/Chop – removes the last part of a String
LeftPad/RightPad/Center/Repeat – pads a String
UpperCase/LowerCase/SwapCase/Capitalize/Uncapitalize – changes the case of a String
CountMatches – counts the number of occurrences of one String in another
IsAlpha/IsNumeric/IsWhitespace/IsAsciiPrintable – checks the characters in a String
DefaultString – protects against a null input String
Reverse/ReverseDelimited – reverses a String
Abbreviate – abbreviates a string using ellipsis
Difference – compares Strings and reports on their differences
LevensteinDistance – the number of changes needed to change one String into another

Release Notes:

Release version: 1.01 – 2013-01-28 11:27:35
org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils commons-lang in java, which contains a lot of common methods to operating strings.

  • 4.2 (obsolete)
  • 5.0 (obsolete)
  • 5.1 (obsolete)
  • 5.2 (obsolete)
  • 6.0 (obsolete)
  • 6.1 (obsolete)
  • 6.2 (obsolete)

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