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Name: tPostgresqlConnectionPool
Icon: tPostgresqlConnectionPool
Author: Jan Lolling
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* Can be used in normal DI jobs
* Can greatly improve the DataSource handling in DI jobs – also for DI made services
* Has a lot of features to take care of the health of the connections
* Can fix the actually wrong behavior of the Talend implementation to handout always the SAME connection instead of a new pooled connection.


This is an implementation of the Apache DBCP2 pool project for PostgreSQL. It provides in a normal DI job the possibility to use a DataSource.
This is a great advantage for jobs which needs a database connection in a rapidely called embedded job.
The pool has all the necessary features we expect today.

tPostgresqlConnectionPool v_2.8__10
tPostgresqlConnectionPool v_2.8__11
tPostgresqlConnectionPool v_2.8__12
Release Notes:

Release version: 2.5 – 2017-11-15 14:05:48
* Compatibility to Talend 6.4
* The pool is now secure against attempts to establish it multiple times with the same JNDI name.
* Closing pool now works also if the pool is not in the same job established.
Release version: 2.6 – 2017-12-13 21:11:42
* Set the max idle connections to the same value as max total connections to prevent the pool from destroying connections to early without eviction run.
Release version: 2.7 – 2019-08-13 07:52:29
* Bug fix: Test connection was not closed.
* Bug fixed: Replaced connection does not know its schema
Release version: 2.8 – 2021-12-14 14:51:58
* Log4J removed

  • 6.5 (retired)
  • 7.0 (retired)
  • 7.1 (retired)
  • 7.2
  • 7.3
  • 8.0

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