August 17, 2023

Chapter 14. FileScale components – Docs for ESB 5.x

Chapter 14. FileScale components

This family is deprecated though remains available in the Studio.

This chapter details the main components that you can find in the FileScale family of the Palette in the
Integration perspective of Talend Studio. However, these components
will only appear in the Studio Palette on the condition
that you have subscribed to one of the Talend solutions with Big Data.

The FileScale family groups together ELT-mode dedicated
components that process large quantities of data in large scale files at high speed.

The FS components use the FS Combine link to connect to each other, in order to combine
all data transformation processes in one go to optimize performance.

To use the components from this family, you have to install the required FileScale
executable. This file, however, is not delivered any longer and therefore the FS components
are now intended only for customers who installed it previously. Besides, new customers
cannot request this binary.

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