August 17, 2023

tOracleTableList – Docs for ESB 5.x



tOracleTableList properties

Component family




tOracleTableList iterates on a
set of tables through a defined Oracle connection.


This component lists the names of specified Oracle tables using a
SELECT statement based on a WHERE clause.

Basic settings

Component list

Select the tOracleConnection
component in the list if more than one connection is planned for the
current Job.


Where clause for table name selection

Enter the WHERE clause that will be used to identify the tables to
iterate on.

Dynamic settings

Click the [+] button to add a row in the table and fill
the Code field with a context variable to choose your
database connection dynamically from multiple connections planned in your Job. This feature
is useful when you need to access database tables having the same data structure but in
different databases, especially when you are working in an environment where you cannot
change your Job settings, for example, when your Job has to be deployed and executed
independent of Talend Studio.

Once a dynamic parameter is defined, the Component List
box in the Basic settings view becomes unusable.

For more information on Dynamic settings and context
variables, see Talend Studio User Guide.

Global Variables

CURRENT_TABLE: the name of the table currently iterated
upon. This is a Flow variable and it returns a string.

NB_TABLE: the number of tables iterated upon so far. This
is a Flow variable and it returns an integer.

ERROR_MESSAGE: the error message generated by the
component when an error occurs. This is an After variable and it returns a string. This
variable functions only if the Die on error check box is
cleared, if the component has this check box.

A Flow variable functions during the execution of a component while an After variable
functions after the execution of the component.

To fill up a field or expression with a variable, press Ctrl +
to access the variable list and choose the variable to use from it.

For further information about variables, see Talend Studio
User Guide.


This component is to be used along with other Oracle components,
especially with tOracleConnection.


The activity of this component can be logged using the log4j feature. For more information on this feature, see Talend Studio User

For more information on the log4j logging levels, see the Apache documentation at



Related scenarios

For a tOracleTablerList related scenario, see Scenario: Iterating on DB tables and deleting their content using a user-defined SQL

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