August 15, 2023

cWMQ – Docs for ESB 6.x


Exchanges messages between a Route and a JMS provider using WMQ.

cWMQ sends messages to, or consumes messages from, a
JMS Queue or Topic using the WebSphere broker.

cWMQ Standard properties

These properties are used to configure cWMQ running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard
cWMQ component belongs to the Connectivity/Messaging family.

Basic settings


Select the messaging type, either queue or topic.


Type in a name for the message queue or topic in the message


Select a WMQ connection factory to be used for handling messages
from the drop-down list.

Advanced settings

MQ Properties

Set the optional parameters in the corresponding table. Click [+] as many times as required to add parameters to
the table. Then click the corresponding value field and enter a
value. See the site for available


Usage rule

cWMQ can be a start, middle or end component in a
Route. It has to be used with the cMQConnectionFactory component, which creates a
connection to a MQ server. For more information about cMQConnectionFactory, see cMQConnectionFactory.


Due to license incompatibility, one or more JARs required to use this component are not
provided. You can install the missing JARs for this particular component by clicking the
Install button on the Component tab view. You can also find out and add all missing JARs easily on the
Modules tab in the
perspective of your
studio. You can find more details about how to install external modules in Talend Help Center (

To run the Route using the cWMQ
component in the studio, you need to download the,,, and
connector.jar from the IBM web site and add
them to the Dependencies list of
the cMQConnectionFactory. For more
information about cMQConnectionFactory, see cMQConnectionFactory.

To run the Route using the cWMQ component in
Talend Runtime
, before deploy the Route, you need
to download
from the IBM web site and add it to the
<TalendRuntimePath>/container/deploy folder.
Alternatively, copy the,,, and
connector.jar to the
<TalendRuntimePath>/container/lib/ext folder and
by adding the MQ packages to

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