August 15, 2023

Performing download analysis using a Spark Batch Job – Docs for ESB 6.x

Performing download analysis using a Spark Batch Job

This scenario applies only to a subscription-based Talend solution with Big data.

In this scenario, you create a Spark Batch Job to analyze how often a given product is downloaded.


In this Job, you analyze the download preference of some specific customers known to your
customer base.

The sample data used as the customer base is as

This data contains these customers’ ID numbers known to this customer base, their first and
last names and country codes, their support levels and registration dates, their email
addresses and phone numbers.

The sample web-click log of some of these customers reads as follows:

This data contains the ID numbers of the customers who visited different
pages and the pages they visited.

By reading this data, you can find that the visits come from customers of different
support-levels for different purposes. The Job to be designed is used to identify the
sources of these visits against the sample customer base and analyze which product is most
downloaded by the Silver-level customers.

Note that the sample data is created for demonstration purposes only.

To replicate this scenario, proceed as follows:

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