August 15, 2023

Scenario 1: Generating functional keys in the output flow – Docs for ESB 6.x

Scenario 1: Generating functional keys in the output flow

This scenario applies only to a subscription-based Talend Platform solution or Talend Data Fabric.

This three-component scenario describes a basic Job that generates a
functional key for each of the data records using one algorithm on one of
the input columns, PostalCode.

This functional key can be used in different ways to narrow down the results
of data filtering or data matching, for example. So the tGenKey component can be used with so many other data
quality and data integration components to form different useful use cases.
For an example of one use case of tGenKey,
see Scenario 2: Comparing columns and grouping in the output flow duplicate records that have the same functional key.

In this scenario, the input data flow has four columns:
Firstname, Lastname,
DOB (date of birth), and
PostalCode. This data has problems such as
duplication, first or last names spelled differently or wrongly, different
information for the same customer, etc. This scenario generates a functional
key for each data record using an algorithm that concatenates the first two
characters of the postal code.


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