August 15, 2023

Scenario 2: Uploading filtered data to Dropbox (deprecated) – Docs for ESB 6.x

Scenario 2: Uploading filtered data to Dropbox (deprecated)

This scenario applies only to a subscription-based Talend Platform solution or Big Data solution or Talend Data Fabric.

This scenario shows how to create a Target Integration Action which receives the customer
data filtered in the Step Integration Action outlined in Scenario 1: Filtering customer data (deprecated).


In this example:

  • The tDropboxConnection component opens a
    connection to Dropbox.

  • The tActionInput component receives the data flow
    from the Source Integration Action and transmits it to the Job.

  • The tFileOutputExcel component writes an output
    Excel file with the filtered customer data and passes it as a data flow to tDropboxPut.

  • The tDropboxPut component uploads the filtered
    data from a given data flow to Dropbox.

  • The exception handling subjob, jCloudLog, enables
    you to define log information, collect exception data and transfer it to the Studio
    console or to
    Talend Integration Cloud
    web application during
    execution. For further information, see Configuring logs and exceptions.


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