August 15, 2023

Scenario: Editing data in a LDAP directory – Docs for ESB 6.x

Scenario: Editing data in a LDAP directory


All of the database output components have the Parallelize option in their Advanced
tab. This option allows you to improve data processing performances
by handling several data flows simultaneously. For more information, see
Talend Studio User Guide

The following scenario describes a Job that reads an LDAP directory, updates the email
of a selected entry and displays the output before writing the LDAP directory. To keep
it simple, no alias dereferencing nor referral handling is performed. This scenario is
based on Scenario: Displaying LDAP directory’s filtered content. The result returned was a single entry, related to
an organisational person, whom email is to be updated.

The output shows the following fields: dn,
uid and mail as defined in the Job.

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