July 30, 2023

tAddCRCRow – Docs for ESB 7.x


Provides a unique ID which helps improving the quality of processed
data. CRC stands for Cyclical Redundancy Checking.

tAddCRCRow calculates a surrogate key based on one or
several columns and adds it to the defined schema.

tAddCRCRow Standard properties

These properties are used to configure tAddCRCRow running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard
tAddCRCRow component belongs to the Data Quality family.

The component in this framework is available in all Talend

Basic settings

Schema and Edit

A schema is a row description. it defines the number of fields to be processed and
passed on to the next component. The schema is either Built-in or stored remotely in the

In this component, a new CRC column is automatically added.


Built-in: The schema will be
created and stored locally for this component only. Related topic:
Talend Studio User Guide


Repository: The schema already
exists and is stored in the Repository, hence can be reused in
various projects and Job designs. Related topic: see

Talend Studio User


Select the check box facing the relevant columns to be used for
the surrogate key checksum.

Advanced Settings

CRC type

Select a CRC type in the list. The longer the CRC, the least
overlap you will have.


Select this check box to collect log data at the component

Global Variables

Global Variables

NB_LINE: the number of rows read by an input component or
transferred to an output component. This is an After variable and it returns an

ERROR_MESSAGE: the error message generated by the
component when an error occurs. This is an After variable and it returns a string. This
variable functions only if the Die on error check box is
cleared, if the component has this check box.

A Flow variable functions during the execution of a component while an After variable
functions after the execution of the component.

To fill up a field or expression with a variable, press Ctrl +
to access the variable list and choose the variable to use from it.

For further information about variables, see
Talend Studio

User Guide.


Usage rule

This component is an intermediary step. It requires an input flow
as well as an output.


Due to license incompatibility, one or more JARs required to use
this component are not provided. You can install the missing JARs for this particular
component by clicking the Install button
on the Component tab view. You can also
find out and add all missing JARs easily on the Modules tab in the
perspective of your studio. You can find more details about how to install external modules in
Talend Help Center (https://help.talend.com)

Adding a surrogate key to a file

This scenario describes a Job adding a surrogate key to a delimited file


Setting up the Job

  1. Drop the following components: tFileInputDelimited, tAddCRCRow and tLogRow.
  2. Connect them using a Main row

Configuring the input component

  1. In the tFileInputDelimited
    Component view, set the File Name path and all related properties in case
    these are not stored in the Repository.


  2. Create the schema through the Edit Schema
    button, if the schema is not stored already in the Repository
    . Remember to set the data
    type column and for more information on the Date pattern to be filled in,

Configuring the tAddCRCRow component

  1. In the tAddCRCRow
    Component view, select the check boxes of
    the input flow columns to be used to calculate the CRC.


    Notice that a CRC column (read-only) has been added at the end of the
  2. Select CRC32 as CRC
    to get a longer surrogate key.


  3. In the Basic settings view of tLogRow, select the Print
    values in cells of a table
    option to display the output data
    in a table on the Console.

Job execution

Then save your Job and press F6 to execute


An additional CRC Column has been added to the schema calculated on all previously
selected columns (in this case all columns of the schema).

Document get from Talend https://help.talend.com
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