July 30, 2023

tDropboxConnection – Docs for ESB 7.x


Creates a Dropbox connection to a given account that the other Dropbox components can

tDropboxConnection Standard properties

These properties are used to configure tDropboxConnection running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard
tDropboxConnection component belongs to the
Cloud family.

The component in this framework is available in all Talend

Basic settings

Access Token

Enter the access token required by the Dropbox account you need to connect to. This access
token allows the Studio to make Dropbox API calls for that Dropbox account.

Note that a Dropbox App should have been created under that account before generating the
access token. For further information about a Dropbox access token, see https://www.dropbox.com/developers/blog/94/generate-an-access-token-for-your-own-account.

Use HTTP Proxy

If you are using a proxy, select this check box and enter the host and port information of
that proxy in the corresponding fields that are displayed.

Advanced settings

tStatCatcher Statistics

Select this check box to gather the Job processing metadata at the Job level
as well as at each component level.

Global Variables


The error message generated by the component when an error occurs. This
is an After variable and it returns a string.


Usage rule

This component is used standalone as a subJob to create the
Dropbox connection to be used. In a Job design, it is often
connected to the other Dropbox components using the Trigger links such as On Subjob Ok link.

Related scenario

Document get from Talend https://help.talend.com
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