July 30, 2023

tJapaneseTokenize – Docs for ESB 7.x


Splits Japanese text into tokens.

Tokenization is an important pre-processing step and prepares text data for subsequent
analysis, transliteration, text mining or natural language processing tasks.

Unlike English or French, there are no spaces to mark word boundaries in Japanese.
Splitting Japanese text into tokens is then more challenging.

Based on the IPADIC dictionary, tJapaneseTokenize deduces where word
boundaries exist and adds a space to separate tokens.

The IPADIC dictionary was developed by the Information-Technology Promotion Agency of
Japan (IPA). This dictionary is based on the IPA corpus and is the most widely used
dictionary for Japanese tokenization.

In local mode, Apache Spark 1.6.0, 2.1.0, 2.3.0 and 2.4.0 are supported.

Depending on the Talend
product you are using, this component can be used in one, some or all of the following
Job frameworks:

Document get from Talend https://help.talend.com
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