July 30, 2023

Tokenizing Japanese text – Docs for ESB 7.x

Tokenizing Japanese text

This scenario applies only to Talend Data Management Platform, Talend Big Data Platform, Talend Real Time Big Data Platform, Talend Data Services Platform, Talend MDM Platform and Talend Data Fabric.

Using the tJapaneseTokenize component, you can split Japanese text
into tokens.

To replicate the example described below, retrieve the
tJapaneseTokenize_standard_scenario.zip file from the Downloads
tab of the online version of this page at https://help.talend.com.

The tJapaneseTokenize_standard_scenario.zip file is composed of:

  • the plain text file inputJapaneseText.txt containing
    Japanese text, the transcription and the English translation; and
  • the tJapaneseTokenizeJob.zip file containing the Job.
Parent topic: tJapaneseTokenize

Document get from Talend https://help.talend.com
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