August 15, 2023

cAWSSNS – Docs for ESB 6.x


Sends messages to an Amazon’s Simple Notification topic.

cAWSSNS Standard properties

These properties are used to configure cAWSSNS running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard
cAWSSNS component belongs to the AWS and Connectivity/Messaging family.

Basic settings


Select an AWS connection component from the list to reuse the
connection details you already defined.


Specify the name of the topic on Amazon’s Simple Notification
Service (SNS) to send message to.


Specify a subject for the message. It can be overriden by the
message header CamelAwsSnsSubject.


Usage rule

cAWSSNS can only be an end
component in a Route. It has to be used with the cAWSConnection component, which creates a
connection to Amazon Web services. For more information about
cAWSConnection, see cAWSConnection.



Scenario: Sending messages to Amazon’s SNS topic

This scenario applies only to a Talend solution with ESB.

This scenario will show you how to use the cAWSSNS
component to send message to the Amazon’s SNS topic.

You must have a valid Amazon Web Services developer account, and be signed up to use
Amazon’s SNS. For more information, see Amazon SNS.

Dropping and linking the components


  1. From the Palette, drag and drop a cAWSConnection, a cTimer, a cSetBody, and a
    cAWSSNS component onto the design
  2. Label the components for better identification of their roles and link them
    with the Row > Route connection as shown above.

Configuring the components

  1. Double-click the cAWSConnection component to
    display its Basic settings view in the
    Component tab.


  2. In the Access Key and Secret Key fields, enter the authentication credentials of your
    AWS account. For how to get your Access Key and Access Secret, see Access keys (access key ID and
    secret access key)
  3. Double-click the cTimer component to open its
    Basic settings view in the Component tab.


  4. In the Repeat field, enter 1 to generate the
    message exchange one time. Keep the default settings of the other
  5. Double-click the cSetBody component to open
    its Basic settings view in the Component tab.


  6. Select CONSTANT from the Language drop-down list and type in "Hello world"
    in the Expression field as the message
  7. Double-click the cAWSSNS component to open
    its Basic settings view in the Component tab.


  8. In the Connection list, select the cAWSConnection component that you have just
    configured to connect to Amazon’s SNS service.

    In the Topic field, enter the name of the
    topic to send message to, "talend-com-tesb-sns" in this use
    In the Subject field, give a subject for the message, for
    example "Talend".
  9. Press Ctrl+S to save your Route.

Viewing the code and executing the Route

  1. Click the Code tab at the bottom of the
    design workspace to check the generated code.


    As shown above, the message flow from sns_cTimer_1 is given a payload by
    sns_cSetBody_1 and then sent to
  2. Press F6 to execute the Route. The logs of
    the message exchange are printed in the console.


  3. An email address has already subscribed to the SNS topic as shown below. For more
    information about how to subscribe to a topic, see the site


    An notification of the message is sent to the Email address:

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