August 15, 2023

Scenario: Filtering Avro format employee data – Docs for ESB 6.x

Scenario: Filtering Avro format employee data

This scenario applies only to a subscription-based Talend solution with Big data.

This scenario illustrates how to create a
Map/Reduce Job to
read, transform and write Avro format data by using Map/Reduce components. This Job
generates Map/Reduce code and directly runs in Hadoop. In addition, the Map bar in the workspace indicates that only a mapper will be
used in this Job and at runtime, it shows the progress of the Map computation.


Note that the
Map/Reduce components are available to
subscription-based Big Data users only and this scenario can be replicated only with
Map/Reduce components.

The sample data to be used in this scenario is employee information of a company with
records virtually reading as follows but actually only visible as Avro format files:

Before starting to replicate this scenario, ensure that you have appropriate rights
and permissions to access the Hadoop distribution to be used. Then proceed as

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