August 15, 2023

Scenario: Filtering SQlite data – Docs for ESB 6.x

Scenario: Filtering SQlite data

This scenario describes a rather simple job which uses a select statement based on a
filter to extract rows from a source SQLite Database and feed an output SQLite table.

  • Drop from the Palette, a tSQLiteInput and a tSQLiteOutput component from the Palette to the design workspace.

  • Connect the input to the output using a row main link.

  • On the tSQLiteInput Basic settings, type in
    or browse to the SQLite Database input file.

  • The file contains hundreds of lines and includes an ip column which the select statement will based on

  • On the tSQLite Basic settings, edit the
    schema for it to match the table structure.

  • In the Query field, type in your select
    statement based on the ip column.

  • On the tSQLiteOutput component Basic settings panel, select the Database filepath.

  • Type in the Table to be fed with the
    selected data.

  • Select the Action on table and Action on Data. In this use case, the action on table
    is Drop and create and the action on data is

  • The schema should be synchronized with the input schema.

  • Save the job and run it.


The data queried is returned in the defined SQLite file.

For an example of how to use dynamic schemas
with Input components, see Scenario 5: Writing dynamic columns from a database to an output file.

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