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The component let you to access different football APIs, in an uniform mode with a single component without writing a single line of code, easying the development process to updata football data for your apps or fantasy leagues.
Some of the data you can get:
-League Table
-Season results
-Top scorers
-Lineups and substitutes
-Match statistics
-Match events


This component let you to get tables, results, fixuters, statisitcs and more for the main european football leagues using different Mashape APIs in a trasparent mode.
More features, now available on the related Mashape APIs, will be integrated soon in future component releases.

To use the component you need a Mashape key, so you must have a Mashape account with a subscribed plan (free plans are availables) for the leagues you are interested in, the following ones are available..
-Premier League Live Scores
-La Liga Live Scores
-Bundesliga Live Scores
-Ligue1 Live Scores
-SerieA Live Scores
-Champions League
-Europa League
-Russian League Live Scores
-LigaNOS Live Scores
-Eredivisie Live Scores
-SerieA Essentials

tFootballData sample

tFootballData v_0.1__1
tFootballData v_0.2__2
tFootballData v_0.3__3
tFootballData v_0.4__4
tFootballData v_0.5__5
tFootballData v_0.6__6
tFootballData v_1.0__7

Release Notes:

Release version: 0.1 – 2015-12-09 22:49:27

Release version: 0.2 – 2015-12-17 07:09:20
-Added all match day scorers for Serie A league
-Added match scorers for Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue1
-Fixed some minor bugs
Release version: 0.3 – 2016-01-06 01:40:24
-Switched to the new API endpoint for the League Table
-Previous season League Table for SerieA (optional season parameter)
-Match statistics for SerieA and Premier League
-Mandatory parameters names start with *
Release version: 0.4 – 2016-02-07 10:28:59
-Added 2015-16 table scorers for Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1
-Added previous season table scorers for Serie A
-Added match statistics for La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1
-Added the referee for a match on ‘2015-16 Results’ query for Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1
-Minor bugs solved
Release version: 0.5 – 2016-04-02 12:07:01
-Added ‘Previous Season Results’ for Serie A for querying results before season 2015-16 (‘2015-16 Results’), available results from 1986-87 season.
-Removed ‘2015-16 Results’ for Premier League
-Added ‘Previous Season Results’ for Premier League for querying results from 2010-11 to 2015-16 season
-Added ‘Lineups and substitutes’ for Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1
-Added optional parameter ‘season’ for the ‘League Table’ request for Premier League to get tables from previous seasons

Release version: 0.6 – 2016-04-06 19:10:06
-Added ‘2015-16 Match events’ for Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1
-Added ‘Match events’ for Serie A that let you to query event from 1986-87 season
-Several bugs solved
Release version: 1.0 – 2016-10-09 06:47:59
-Added support for 2016-17 season
-Added more Leagues
-Champions League
-Europa League
-Russian League

  • 4.2 (obsolete)
  • 5.0 (obsolete)
  • 5.1 (obsolete)
  • 5.2 (obsolete)
  • 5.3 (obsolete)
  • 5.4 (obsolete)
  • 5.5 (obsolete)
  • 5.6 (obsolete)
  • 6.0 (obsolete)
  • 6.1 (obsolete)
  • 6.2 (obsolete)

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