July 30, 2023

tContextDump – Docs for ESB 7.x


Copies the context setup of the current Job to a flat file, a database table, etc.,
which can then be used by tContextLoad.

Together with tContextLoad, this component makes it
simple to apply the context setup of one Job to another.

dumps the context setup of the current Job to the subsequent component.

tContextDump Standard properties

These properties are used to configure tContextDump running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard
tContextDump component belongs to the Misc family.

The component in this framework is available in all Talend

Basic settings

Schema and Edit

A schema is a row description, it defines the fields that will be
processed and passed on to the next component.


The schema of tContextDump is
read only and made up of two columns, Key and Value, corresponding to the parameter name and the
parameter value of the Job context.

Hide Password

Select this check box to hide the value of context parameter
password, namely displaying the value of context parameters whose
Type is Password as *.

Global Variables

Global Variables

NB_LINE: the number of rows processed. This is an After
variable and it returns an integer.

ERROR_MESSAGE: the error message generated by the
component when an error occurs. This is an After variable and it returns a string. This
variable functions only if the Die on error check box is
cleared, if the component has this check box.

A Flow variable functions during the execution of a component while an After variable
functions after the execution of the component.

To fill up a field or expression with a variable, press Ctrl +
to access the variable list and choose the variable to use from it.

For further information about variables, see
Talend Studio

User Guide.


Usage rule

As a start component, tContextDump dumps the context setup of the current
Job to a file, a database table, etc.

Related scenarios

No scenario is available for the Standard version of this component yet.

Document get from Talend https://help.talend.com
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