July 30, 2023

tDBOutputBulkExec – Docs for ESB 7.x


Executes the Insert action in a database.

This component works with a variety of databases
depending on your selection.

The tDBOutputBulk and tDBBulkExec components are
used together in a two step process. In the first step, an output file is generated. In
the second step, this file is used in the INSERT statement used to feed a database the
selected database type. These two steps are fused together in the
tDBOutputBulkExec component, detailed in a separate section. The
advantage of using two separate steps is that the data can be transformed before it is
loaded in the database.

tDBOutputBulkExec Standard properties

These properties are used to configure tDBOutputBulkExec running
in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard
tDBOutputBulkExec component belongs to the Databases family.

The component in this framework is available in all Talend

Basic settings

This component serves as an entry point for the following
databases. To configure this component, select a type of database from the
Database list and click Apply on its
Basic settings view. For more information about specific
database properties, see the relevant documentation:

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